Consistency is crucial

We make sure that our clients receive the same high standard regardless of who delivers their workshop

Over the last ten years we have trained three associates to deliver the ‘Performing in front of an audience’ workshop to the same standard:

Bob Perry

Bob has been designing, developing and delivering training programmes for over 25 years for a variety of markets including IT, finance, consulting, sales, engineering, utilities, charities and education. He has run programmes both in the UK and internationally, including Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, Bratislava, Malta, Tallinn, Athens and Moscow. He started working with The Talking Trade in 2005 and runs (with Lawrence) the ‘Performing in front of an audience’ workshop’.

Graham Pountney

Graham has been a freelance professional actor in all media for over 30 years. He trained at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and has performed in television, film and theatre. His experience embraces lead roles, corporate business presentations, theatre management and administration, and sales and marketing disciplines. He has been working with The Talking Trade for 6 years and runs (with John) the ‘Performing in front of an audience’ workshop.

Russell Wickens

Russell’s experience as a film producer brings a unique perspective to the world of business performance. Having worked with actors for 20 years, he is aware of what works for an audience. He uses this experience to optimal effect in the corporate world, where impact is so important in making a business presentation. He started working with The Talking Trade in 2004 and runs (with Lawrence) the ‘Performing in front of an audience’ workshop’.

Specialist coaching where it is needed


We have also brought in three specialists to run the voice coaching, the voice conference, and the conflict sessions:





Peter Moneypenny

Peter joined The Talking Trade in 2006 after a successful career with Merseyside Police. He runs the Simulation workshop ‘Controlling critical confrontations’ and brings to this his considerable experience of conflict and of managing extremely difficult people in often tense and volatile situations.

Chris de Souza

Chris de Souza read music at Bristol University and went on to graduate from the Director’s course at the Bristol Old Vic. He has worked as a teacher, stage director and music producer, and has presented programmes on BBC Radio 3, Radio 4 and World Service. Chris runs the voice conference workshop.

Jane van Hool

Jane van Hool is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. As an actress, she performed in national and international theatre productions and appeared in many of the UK's favourite TV programmes. Jane holds an MA in Voice and an MSc in Performance Psychology. She understands the importance of performance in all areas of professional and personal life and knows how to help clients look, sound and feel the part. Jane runs our voice coaching sessions and has helped individuals with voice projection and pitch issues, as well as helping delegates for whom English is a second language.